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Calling all aspiring health heroes!
  • Welcome to Dr. HERO, where our passion for optimal health and wellness drives us to empower our patients to look and feel their best inside and out.

    Our mission is to help people feel good, look great, and perform better. We achieve this by providing comprehensive, innovative, and personalized medical services that enhance our patients’ physical, emotional, and sexual wellness. Our company stands for HERO – Health, Expertise, Reliability, and Organization.

    Our values include patient-centered care, excellence, innovation, integrity, and collaboration. We prioritize the needs and goals of our patients, providing a comfortable and compassionate environment that fosters trust and open communication.

    Our commitment to excellence ensures that we utilize the most advanced technology and evidence-based practices, while our dedication to innovation keeps us on the cutting edge of medical wellness.

Your Wellness League

  • Meet the extraordinary team behind Dr. HERO – a group of healthcare professionals who pack a punch, literally! This band of martial arts champions, innovative medical experts, and wellness warriors are here to help you kick start your health goals and live life to the fullest. Our dynamic team is uniquely qualified to deliver a one-two punch of cutting-edge medical services and decades of fitness expertise, ensuring that you not only look and feel your best but also perform like the superhero you are.

Dr. Richard Bonachea

Our founder and CEO, Richard is a medical doctor, national and international martial arts champion, and healthcare entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in living a healthy and fitness lifestyle. After recognizing the lack of a one-stop shop for expert, reliable, and unbiased health advice, Richard assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to create Dr. HERO.
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Dr. Miguel Labrada

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Our exceptional head of the Rehab and Recovery Department. With over a decade of experience as a physical therapist, Miguel skillfully combines his professional expertise with his passion for Judo martial arts, where he's a decorated champion. He brings the discipline and determination from the mat into his work at Dr. Hero, helping patients regain their strength and mobility with confidence and a winning mindset.
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Dr. Richard Bonachea

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Is a Cuban doctor who is not only a seasoned medical professional but also a celebrated National Cuban Judo athlete. Richard's unique blend of medical expertise and athletic prowess allows him to provide unparalleled care to our patients, ensuring that they receive the support, guidance, and motivation they need to achieve their wellness goals. With Richard in your corner, you're in the best hands to tackle your health challenges head-on.
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Dr. Amilcar Lominchar MD

Medical Director
Our esteemed Board Certified Medical Director embodies a healthy lifestyle and a passion for excellence. As a Cuban doctor and Karate athlete, Amilcar brings the dedication and perseverance from his athletic pursuits into his medical practice. He leads our team with vigor and precision, committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care. Under Amilcar direction, Dr. Hero is a beacon of health and well-being for all seeking our services.

Adriana Cardentey

Office Manager
From the rhythmic gymnastics floor in Cuba to our team at Dr. Hero, Adriana has always had a love for movement and wellness. She studied Physical Therapy in her homeland, nurturing a deep passion for aiding others on their journey to better health. Known for her warm heart and dedication, she cherishes being a part of Dr. Hero, considering us more than just a team - we're a family. She brings a spirit of unity and compassion to our work, making our mission to empower patients all the more special.